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  • Ruth Millard

    Ruth Millard

  • Victor Notaro

    Victor Notaro

    Victor Notaro is a corporate and commercial #banking professional. He has over 20 years of #financial services experience. http://victornotaro.com #Pittsburgh

  • Jack Groves

    Jack Groves

    Freelance Tutor • Incoming Law Student @NYU

  • Pam Kaplan

    Pam Kaplan

  • Dr. Wayne J. Cosshall

    Dr. Wayne J. Cosshall

    Artist, Author, Druid, Educator, Polymath, Technologist. CEO TechnoMagickal. Co-Founder, CTO and Chief Learning Officer, TMRW Group. Ed Lead, Octivo Australia.

  • Karen Kilbane

    Karen Kilbane

    My students with special needs have led me to develop a hypothesis for a brain-compatible theory of personality. Reach me at karenkilbane1234@gmail.com

  • Janet Alexandersson

    Janet Alexandersson

    Lawyer, futurist and everlearner with an passion for connective thinking.

  • Hank Green

    Hank Green

    Novelist, YouTuber, Science Communicator, Community Organizer, Educational Media Creator

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